Doonbeg (White Strand)

Registration is now open until Friday 12th July at 9 pm, registrations can not be taken after this date.
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  • Date: 17th - 21st July 2023 - Classes taught: Swim (Seal & Marlin) and Safety Classes
  • Class Times will be available online at the above link by the 14th July

The Seal & Marlin certification has been changed by Water Safety Ireland. What was 15 certs (Seal 1-5, Marlin 6-10 and Orca 11-15) is now condensed down to 10 certs. Old Marlin 10 now equates to the new Marlin 8.

  • Local organiser: Gene Clohessy (Thanks Gene!)
  • Instructor:Sinéad Mortell