Almost all weeks are 5 days with the Exam on the Friday in almost all cases.

To help you find the most suitable class for your child please read our course descriptions here >>  WSI Safety, Rescue, Basic Life Support >>

-Normally a candidate who can swim will do Safety 2 at 10 yrs or so, then one classes per year after that ( Safety 3, 4, Survival/ Endurance, Rescue 1, Rescue 2 etc)

Swim Classes (Seal & Marlin) have 8 levels. They do not necessarily have to be done in order - they are very much dependent on ability. In open water locations, we provide Seal 1 - 5 & Marlin 6 - 8 classes.


2024 dates - to be confirmed, but likely week of 12th August

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2024 dates - week of 5th August

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Cappa, Kilrush .

2024 dates - week of 29th July

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