'A' grade Referee, Clare McGrath

Clare McGrath International Life Saving Federation

Local Woman, Clare McGrath, will be upgraded by the College of Referees of the International Life Saving Federation of Europe to an 'A' grade Still Water International Referee in the coming months. The current President of Swim Ireland, Clare will be the first ever 'A' referee appointed from Ireland and will take her place as event referee at European and International events.  This representation by Clare is not only a personal achievement but it also enhances the sporting status of County Clare and Ireland at International level.

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FOUR new ILSE* International Pool (still water) Referees for Co Clare

Clare Water Safety members, Tom McEvoy, Mick Rooney, Liz Broderick, and Sean Cahill have successfully completed the ILSE International Referees B - Pool (still water) Course.

They completed their practical assessment as event referees at the National Stillwater Championships in UL on 21st February.
 They were tutored and tested by International “A” referee from Belgium Frans Kenis. Mr Kenis is a member of the Sports commission ILS** and ILSE*, Member of the Rule Committee and President of the College of Referees ILSE
*The International Life Saving Federation of Europe (ILSE) is the European branch of ILS. ILSE is an umbrella organisation, representing federations working in the field of Water Safety in Europe.
**The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) is the world's non-profit association of aquatic Lifesavers and aquatic Lifesaving organizations.



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