Additional info National Stillwater Championships 2012

This is a selection event for upcoming International competitions – points will be awarded as per surf comp. A bonus of 4 additional points will be awarded to competitors competing in both Surf Championships last September and Stillwater.
Points are allocated to individual events only.
Points are scored on the best 3 events only.
Please Note:- For the purpose of selection for Junior International Competitions, a separate points calculation will be made for competitors to & inc. age 18.
Order of Events:-
Male followed by Female.
1. 100m obstacle                                Junior
2. 200m obstacle                                Senior
3. 4 x 50m obstacle Relay.                  Junior, Senior
4. 100m manikin tow + fins                 Senior, Juniors
5. 4 x 25m manikin relay                     Juniors
6. 200m Super lifesaver                      Senior, Juniors
7. 100m manikin carry + fins               Senior, Juniors
8. 100m rescue medley                       Senior
9. 50m manikin carry                          Senior, Juniors
10. 4 x 25m manikin relay                   Senior
11. 4 x 50m medley relay                    Senior, Juniors
12. Line throw                                    Seniors, Juniors



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