Inshore Rescue Boat

Saorla gets in some driving practice in our new IRB under the guidance of one of the Welsh instructors.


IRB Training 2009


In Clare, we now have 6 qualified Drivers and 22 Crew members for the IRB

The training included:

  • Boat handling,
  • Launching and recovery,
  • Rescue of subjects,
  • Capsize drills,
  • Seamanship,
  • Knowledge of knots,
  • Knowledge of the engine
  • Knowledge of VHF transmissions

 All knotted up!


Cian and Dylan practising their knots prior to their IRB Crew exam in October 2009.

 Knots needed:

  • Reef knot
  • Fisherman's knot
  • Figure of eight loop
  • Bowline
  • Anchor bend
  • Round turn & 2 Half hitches



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