Getting started...IRB 2018 season


IWS Clare will be collecting 2 new Zodiac MilPro boats from Tom Parry (pictured above) at the end of April. A total of 14 are being delivered to various counties at that time. The future looks bright for Surf Rescue Boats in Ireland.


All qualified drivers & crew, as well as anyone interested in learning about the IRBs and driving them and invited to come along when this season's dates are announced.


 Photo credit: Pics by Des (Tom Parry & Seamus Scholand)

Inshore Rescue Boat

Saorla gets in some driving practice in our new IRB under the guidance of one of the Welsh instructors.


IRB Training 2009


In Clare, we now have 6 qualified Drivers and 22 Crew members for the IRB

The training included:

  • Boat handling,
  • Launching and recovery,
  • Rescue of subjects,
  • Capsize drills,
  • Seamanship,
  • Knowledge of knots,
  • Knowledge of the engine
  • Knowledge of VHF transmissions

 All knotted up!


Cian and Dylan practising their knots prior to their IRB Crew exam in October 2009.

 Knots needed:

  • Reef knot
  • Fisherman's knot
  • Figure of eight loop
  • Bowline
  • Anchor bend
  • Round turn & 2 Half hitches



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