Committee as elected at our AGM in March 2021


Chairperson: Patrick O'Grady

Vice-Chairperson: Brendan McGrath

Hon. Treasurer: John Hogan

Hon. Secretary: Janette Hillery

Certificate Secretary: Tony Cronin

Public Relations Officer: Evelyn Ball

Sports Officer: Tony Cronin

Certificate secretary: Tony Cronin

Environmental Officer: Aine Purcell

Commitee members:  Bernard Cahill, Sean Cahill, Sinead Mortell, Pam McGrath, John Shannon

DLPs: Norma Cahill, Tony Cronin, Maggie Purcell

Ex-officio members of the committee:

  • Clare McGrath ~ Water Safety Development Officer,
  • Brendan McGrath ~ IWS Council Member & Chairman of the Swimming Commission
  • Minister Tony Killeen ~ Life Governor of IWS since March 2010
  • Tony Lynch ~ Life Governor of IWS since November 2014
  • Liam Griffin ~ Life Governor of IWS sonce November 2014



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