Almost all weeks are 5 days with the Exam on the Friday in almost all cases.
To help you find the most suitable class for your child please read our course descriptions here >>  WSI Safety, Rescue, Basic Life Support >>
- normally a candidate who can swim will do Safety 2 at 10 yrs or so, then one classes per year after that ( Safety 3, 4, Survival/ Endurance, Rescue 1, Rescue 2 etc)

Swim Classes (Seal & Marlin) have changed.
Water Safety Ireland have condensed 15 swim certificates down to 10. Marlin 10 will now be Marlin 8, the highest swim cert we will offer at open water locations.


Labasheeda Water Safety Week Week beginning 7th August 2023 - Classes taught: Swim (Seal & Marlin) and Safety Classes Registration: Friday 14th July, 18:30 at the pier The Seal & Marlin certification has been changed by Water Safety Ireland. What was 15 certs (Seal 1-5, Marlin 6-10 and Orca 11-15)

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Cappa, Kilrush .

Date: 24 - 28 July 2023 Registration: Local organizers will take registrations for all classes at the Galleon Bar, Cappa, Date to be confirmed. Awards taught: WSI Swim (Seal & Marlin), Safety, Survival, Rescue & Basic Life support

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